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Fashion versus Style?

Fashion has always changed, it's the very nature of the beast. Fads come and go, mirroring social and economic change, a kneejerk reaction to what has gone before, but never as quickly today.

With trends and clothing barely lasting the season, it's not surprising there's an increasing swing away from this disposable fast fashion and a return to a much slower paced appreciation of better quality, more "Stylish" garments that last.

 Cheap clothes are too expensive.

All this fast fashion is not necessarily cheaper in the long run. With ever improving technology, the time taken to bring garments to market is getting shorter and the cost cheaper. Good you might think, but all this comes at a cost, not just to the planet, but your pocket. Thin, inferior materials rapidly wear and lose their appearance, sadly an all too familiar and  disappointing experience. It's no surprise  investment buying is so en vogue.  

     Timeless chic Ralph Lauren

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This is not an investment in the traditional sense, its an investment in your appearance and your self confidence. It means buying fewer, better quality, better fitting items that will last the test of time. This may mean a bigger outlay initially, but the wear experience vastly out ways any extra cost


 The history of Jewellery is closely interwoven with the Fashion it enhances and embellishes. Over time it has evolved from intrinsically high value, fine pieces, originally statements of Status and wealth into mass produced souless "trinkets". Manufacturers can now produce "good looking" pieces at a fraction of the cost of fine jewellery. There is no doubt these have their place, but there is now an abundance of this very disposable high fashion jewellery with no durability, all very similar looking cheap and cheerful accessories.


Detail of Blenheim Bauble

Its so important  as your wardrobe improves, your jewellery collection does too. The cheapness of jewellery is more evident the better your clothes become. Time and consideration needs to be taken when selecting that special piece of jewellery to accessorise and bring to life  your stylish outfits. Jewellery should mirror your personality, and a carefully considered piece will reflect who and what you are. Great style is about making you feel comfortable and confident at all times.


Hares and hound collection

When designing these new pieces, I was determined to create collections that were as timeless as they were elegant. Finely detailed, well considered, keepsake pieces of silver and gold jewellery crafted to make the wearer look and feel special. Jewellery that would stand the test of changing fashion trends, be statement pieces for discerning customers who require a little bit more. These confidently embellish, stylish, well designed and beautifully made clothes. Although the brand's essence is Equestrian and Country living, it will  enjoy a broader appeal with those who appreciate timeless design and craftsmanship, as Hermes, Gucci and Ralph Lauren continue to do so beautifully.


Sylvia Kerr Jewellery Farah Collection





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