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Remember that excitement you felt when you first glanced at your new wedding or engagement ring? Sparkly, shiney and 'Oh so you' at the time? At Sylvia Kerr Jewellery, we can breathe new life into those much-loved pieces of jewellery with our bespoke service. Those pieces of jewellery that you dearly love for sentimental reasons but hate to wear because they look tired, dated and even old fashioned can now once again be adored and worn as our designer Sylvia Kerr explains in our latest blog:

"Redesigning a piece of pre-loved jewellery is an area in which I have worked extensively. From remodelling family heirlooms through to updating wedding and engagement rings, this type of work has to be undertaken sympathetically and carefully - something I pride myself on doing with perfection.

The Process

Recreating new jewellery while incorporating precious metal and stones from loved ones items into something modern and contemporary is a fascinating journey for both client and myself and remember diamonds are millions of years old, and if not damaged, they just love to be reset and worn!

          making of 18ct and diamond designer ring


New Beginnings

We have undertaken so many different commissions over the years: From partners wishing to incorporate stones from their great grandmother's ring into a contemporary engagement ring for their beloved, through to divorcees who would probably get very little for selling their rings and adore their diamonds. By melting down the jewellery and passing them through fire, they are symbolically "cleansed", and we can reinvent both stone and metal into a new piece that not only embodies a new era for that person and heralds a new chapter in their life but also ensures that they retain value and youthful beauty.

Finished remodelled 18ct and Old cut Diamond ring

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18ct White Gold and Diamonds

 One such commission was from a lovely customer who wanted her 18ct white gold diamond and sapphire engagement ring redesigned and remodelled. It was a much loved and well worn piece, albeit a little dated, two diamond and sapphire ring.


Diamond sourcing

The sapphire was scratched and not the best quality, so I suggested that we should replace it with a slightly larger diamond and incorporate the two existing diamonds which were a good size and of superb quality. By using the current 18ct white gold to make the new shank, we retained critical elements of the ring for sentimental reasons. The ring was stripped down (stones removed) and a beautiful 3/4ct round brilliant cut diamond was sourced, matching precisely to the colour, clarity and cut of the other two diamonds.

The focus for the new ring was to be all about the stones, so a substantial, classic setting and shank were designed to enhance and securely set the diamonds. The ring was then melted and remodelled into the new shank and the setting, the stones were carefully set, the ring painstakingly polished, the diamonds set and finally rhodium plated to give a beautiful bright white finish.

The results is breath-taking, and the client adores wearing that ring once again"

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