Beautiful Burghley Gold. A collection Explored

Beautiful Burghley Gold. A collection Explored Image

 Our designer Sylvia Kerr adores horses, and the Burghley Collection embodies the spirit of the horse. Celebrating their beauty, elegance and grace while exploring the realms of jewellery design.


 With Burghley Horse Trials  later this month. Our Burghley Collection takes inspiration from this prestigious international equestrian event and its equine athletes.

 In this blog, we share with you those designer details that make this collection so unique. And we explain why this passion for equestrian remains at the heart of the Sylvia Kerr Jewellery brand.

  It's no secret that our designer loves horses.

In numerous interviews, Sylvia has talked about her beloved horse, Farah (the inspiration behind the appropriately named Farah Collection) and her admiration of horsepower across the various equine disciplines. However, to translate this passion into beautiful contemporary jewellery takes talent, sensitivity and artistic skill.


The Burghley Collection reflects Sylvia's expertise as a qualified jeweller but also her love of luxury. The collection centres around a simple horse's snaffle bit which Sylvia has woven into breathtakingly beautiful pieces from necklace, earrings, brooch, bangle and bracelet.  

 Talking about the design, Sylvia says:

 "The horses' snaffle bit has always been synonymous with designer equestrian jewellery and indeed accessories, but I wanted to do something different: To update this iconic theme and give the jewellery the opportunity to effortlessly cross-over from country to cocktail wear. By taking advantage of the snaffle bit's geometric lines, I was able to create a collection that at first glance was just a striking piece of contemporary jewellery. Then, looking further at the pieces, you see the snaffle bit and then notice my signature 'leather tack strap'. A feature which appears throughout my collections, bringing together each collection and each piece."

This clever design detail not only weaves all our collections together, enabling customers to wear a selection of pieces at once from across our collections but it is also a subtle reminder of Sylvia's enduring love of horses.

Harnessing the energy and beauty of equestrianism through design with exquisite pavé fine cut diamonds and solid 9ct gold, The Burghley Gold Collection offers a timeless appeal to stunning contemporary jewellery design.


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