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From thin air...

Wouldn't it be great to say when asked where I pluck my inspiration to create beautiful jewellery designs from and craft them in beautiful pieces, I could have a really simple and straightforward answer. But alas inspiration doesn't come bottled or packaged, its intangible, a feeling, a knowing.

Many hours can be spent toiling over a design for a bespoke piece of jewellery, the blank white paper staring starkly back at me. Only for much later, the completed design to pop into my head when doing something totally mundane. Even now, I still find the whole process quite magical.



New collection design...  

   With these new Jewellery Collections, be it a wedding jewellery or crafted in gold, my desire was to create a stylish and contemporary take on equestrian and country themed jewellery. For me, what could be a more "inspiring" subject matter to design from. When researching these, I unearthed some of the most amazing antique stirrups and horse bits. Mythical and wonderful animals in the from of Hares and Hounds and of course the horse itself in all its grandeur..


 I have a longtime love of wrought ironwork. With its strong and decorative forms, it translates so well into designs for jewellery. It was so important to me to have a Collection inspired by this amazing artform. It sits beautifully with the other country living themes of these Collections, as many fine example can be found in Britain's Castles and Stately Homes.


Blair Collection...

This brings me to the Blair Collection. These pieces of jewellery started life as an image of an ironwork screen. It was a very simple repeating pattern, but I felt it had great potential to be refined into an elegant Collection.


                                                      Design process for the Blair Collection

Using this image, the designer in me sketches out what looks most aesthetically pleasing as a piece of jewellery. From these I designed one central motif. This needed to look just as good as an elegant necklace or an eye catching bracelet.

With the sketches finished and all the dimensions calculated, the making can begin.

An original model must be made first. This has to be as near to perfection as is possible, as it will be used to produce the Collection pieces. its then handed over to my Caster in Scotland, who manufacturers and hand finishes the silver and gold jewellery in small amounts. 

So there you have it, from start to finish a Collection in the making.



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