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Searching for the perfect Valentines gift for her is especially easy with Sylvia Kerr Jewellery. Whether you are looking for an anniversary keepsake or a token of your love they'll wear and love forever, our Collections embraces every taste and pocket. In this feature, Sylvia shares her top tips for buying the ideal jewellery gift.

Buying jewellery for your loved one this Valentines shouldn't be difficult but an exciting adventure that you should enjoy! Here are my top tips and advice:


Take note of the jewellery she already wears - is it Gold Jewellery or Silver? Pearls or plain? You want to buy a piece of jewellery she will enjoy wearing so plan a piece that will fit into her style and wardrobe. I always encourage partners to contact us if they want some guidance or advice if they are struggling to make a decision. Having worked closely with many clients for many years, after a brief chat or email or via the phone, we can normally ascertain the right gift choice! We also offer gift wrapping as well, which is also very popular.

Ascot Drop Earrings and Badminton Pearl Necklace

Ascot Drop Earrings and Badminton Pearl Necklace


Once you have chosen a piece from our vast collections, you'll find that future Birthdays, and other special occasions make buying again so much easier because each piece has been designed by me to work in harmony with each other. A pair of earrings from one collection will work perfectly with a bangle from another due to the smart detailing that I have weaved into all my collections. This gives you untold opportunities to shop, and if you really want a completely new and unique piece, we offer a bespoke service, where we work with our clients to create a special piece like no other.

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Deciding whether to choose a necklace, earrings or bracelet or even a brooch can often be driven by budget, but the beauty of our collections is that we have worked hard to offer simply stunning designs which cover a wide spectrum in pricing. Quality is never compromised, and all the materials we use are the finest. For gift inspiration, please do take a look at our Gift Inspiration Section, click HERE where you will find gifts from £102 upwards.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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